Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two Person Kayak Review

coleman-colorado-two-person-kayakYour average hard shell kayak that seats two will cost you hundreds of dollars. Not to mention it can be incredibly difficult to maneuver, especially during a long fishing trip and it’s more prone to tipping over when you’re trying to navigate it to that out of the way fishing hot spot. If a traditional hard shell model is just not in your budget, or you simply need a kayak that’s lightweight, easy to store and transport and a breeze to use out on the water, you can take a look at this model by Sevylor.

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado kayak is designed to accommodate two riders and is made from eighteen gauge PVC, which allows you to reach those out of the way fishing spots without the fear of a puncture. Consumers can choose to paddle to their destination or use the trolling motor on this inflatable model. Users can also enjoy hands-free fishing thanks to the quick set rod holders. The kayak’s seats are highly adjustable and allow two users to ride in comfort and style.

This is a budget friendly option that seemed to really surprise consumers when it came to versatility and overall durability. If you don’t have much experience kayaking, the idea of an inflatable model may seem like a poor choice, but the manufacturer has really outdone themselves in terms of designing an inflatable model that has a lot more to offer kayakers on a budget. A kayak that’s packed with a ton of bells and whistles, consumers couldn’t say enough good things about this popular model by Sevylor.

Coleman Colorado Kayak Overview

The Coleman Colorado is an inflatable kayak that features a rugged design with a weight limit of 470 pounds. Made from eighteen gauge PVC with a 1000 D tarpaulin bottom, the 840 D nylon cover will provide added protection from punctures in the event you crash into obstacles. This model also features the patented Air system which is guaranteed not to leak. The multiple air chambers allow the riders to stay afloat in the event of a puncture.

This model also comes with rod holders, making this kayak fishing ready.

The user can expand their fishing capabilities with the trolling motor. When switching to the motor function the angler can place the paddles in the paddle holders to keep them safely and securely out of the way.

When it comes to storage, you’ll find large mesh storage pockets that are perfect for storing all your supplies. D rings have also been added, allowing you to attach extra equipment.

The built in carry handles will allow you to easily pull the kayak in or out of the water.

The kayak also comes with a one year limited warranty, pressure gauge, highly adjustable seats and is NMMA certified.

Two Seater Kayak Pros and Cons

sevylor-coleman-colorado-two-person-kayakPros: Described as spacious, this model offers enough space to accommodate two adults and a ton of gear. It’s also easy to set up and transport. With the included pressure gauge and dual action pump it takes only about ten minutes to deflate or inflate. The lightweight design and free carry bag make transporting the kayak simple. Consumers loved the trolling motor option which allowed them to reach far out fishing hot spots easily. Well-built and sturdy, most users were pleasantly surprised at how solid this inflatable model really is. On the water, the kayak is easy to maneuver and can be used by one or two people. For an inflatable model, you really can’t beat the price or quality.

This model is double walled, with the inflatable portion protected by an extra thick resistant cover for added durability that will leave you feeling confident out on the water.

Overall, this is a great kayak that features enough storage space to accommodate two riders on a long day out on the lake or river.

Cons: Unfortunately, this kayak doesn’t come with a paddle or pump, which means you’ll need to factor in the cost of these two important pieces of gear. Most users recommend a dual action pump. Consumers also had issues with the valves, which look similar to what you would find on an inflatable mattress. Some consumers also felt that the kayak was a little uncomfortable for two riders. Keep in mind, the kayak is only able to handle two average size adults.  Consumers looking for a more durable model with a higher weight limit can check out the three seater Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak by Lifetime.

Two Seater Kayak Conclusion and Rating

This model allows you to enjoy a day out on the water with a companion and make it back home in time for dinner. This is a strong inflatable kayak that’s equipped with eighteen gauge PVC, making for one tough model. Paddle over calm waters or take advantage of the trolling motor and reach those out of the way fishing holes in no time. Users can sit back and enjoy the highly adjustable seats while appreciating hands-free angling thanks to the built-in rod holders.

For most consumers, it was tough to find a downside for the Sevylor. This inflatable kayak proves to be both sturdy and durable, and hilariously so. It offers the versatility to hold one or two riders and a ton of gear and all without compromising the kayak’s maneuverability. The option to use a trolling motor with this model adds a whole new experience to fishing on a kayak. It’s nice to be able to easily store this model in the trunk of a car and take it out for spur of the moment fishing. The seats are super comfortable, so you can enjoy longer sessions out on the water. You can also quietly reach the most remote fishing holes easily, something you can’t do with a hard shelled model. The CC is highly recommended by avid fishermen and water sport enthusiasts alike. Consumers who purchased Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two Person Kayak gave it a high rating of five out of five stars, which makes this our top rated product.