Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak Review

bali-ss-kayakA kayak can make navigating through the waters more enjoyable and simple. But there are so many models on the market that choosing the best model for you can be difficult. Sun Dolphin has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and their Bali SS kayak is one model that will definitely make you stop and take notice.

If you’re looking for a one person kayak to ride on calmer waters, this model is a great choice, but it may not be what you’re looking for if you want a tough kayak that can handle rough waters or seawater fishing.

Bali SS Kayak Assessment

This is a lightweight model that’s easy to carry and transport. Featuring well-crafted designs, assorted features and sturdy materials, this is one versatile kayak and one of Sun Dolphin’s top selling models.

The features found on the Bali are diverse in nature, making for a well-rounded kayak that offers a little bit of something for everyone. Weighing in at forty-five pounds, this model uses a high density polyethylene called Fortiflex in its exterior construction. The solid construction allows the user to stow it away wet, without having to worry about material breakdown. The Fortiflex construction is UV stabilized, which means it won’t fade with prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, the polyethylene materials promote the paddling and tracking ability of this compact watercraft. This means the user can now cruise down a river or lake with maximum stability and supreme ease.

If you’re an avid paddler, you probably don’t like hitting the water unprepared for the number of unexpected occurrences that can plague you when kayaking. Which is why most kayakers hit the waters with a change of clothes, a variety of gear, food and water and other must-have supplies. Fortunately, this model has the space to accommodate your needs thanks to its built-in storage compartment which is designed to keep all of your personal belongings safe and dry. If you need more space you can take advantage of the portable accessory carrier, which acts as a tow behind or backpack that’s also perfect for storing gear and keeping it dry.

Like most models of sit in kayaks, the Bali features an open, large cockpit, which is pretty easy to get in or out of. The built-in paddle holder is perfect for when you need to keep your hands free. The adjustable foot braces will allow you to settle comfortably and securely in your kayak.

Whether you’re using a kayak for fishing or family fun, you need a model that offers more comfort. Riding in a kayak that’s comfortable allows you to cover longer distances without experiencing pain in your back or legs. This model features a large, comfortable seating area complete with thigh pads for maximum comfort when you’re spending a long day out on the water.

It also offers an impressive weight limit of 395 pounds, making it a more versatile model and one that can accommodate larger riders.

This model isn’t rigged, so if you’re planning on using it for fishing you’ll need to rig it yourself. This means you’ll need to plan on buying some rod holders, an anchor trolley and other gear to set it up for fishing, before you take it out on the water.

Sun Dolphin Kayak Pros and Cons

sun-dolphin-bali-ss-kayakPros: This model is available in red, blue, green, ocean, pink and tangerine. Featuring improved stability, this kayak is highly portable, sturdy, and lightweight and tracks well. This is the perfect hard shell kayak for the beginner and it really has a lot to offer. This model is designed for solo use, but it’s large enough to take along a dog or small child, just make sure you don’t go over the weight limit. This model is perfect for lakes and rivers and features a large, comfortable seating area with a padded seat back that’s highly adjustable. It’s equipped with a paddle, paddle holder, retractable carry handles, built-in storage compartment and an open cockpit for easier entry. The foot braces are also adjustable, making this model a good choice for tall people. This kayak is available in eight, ten or twelve feet lengths. The ten foot kayak is their top selling model.

Cons: Unfortunately, the kayak doesn’t come with a bottom cushion on the seat and the footrests aren’t very comfortable. The Bali SS is a relatively inexpensive model and it’s very stable, but extremely slow. The hull’s design aids in stability, but it also takes away from the kayak’s speed ability. This is a great choice for small lakes and can easily fit inside a van or SUV for easy transport. If you’re looking for a kayak to take out on the ocean or a river and do a little touring, you may need to spend a little more for a lot more kayak. If you’re looking for a kayak with a lot more speed you can check out the Sevylor Coleman Colorado kayak, which is available at a comparable price and has a reputation for being much faster and easier to paddle. Some consumers found the seating to be uncomfortable and had complaints regarding the quality of the padding. This model also doesn’t come with scuppers to drain the cockpit, like you’d find on an ocean ready kayak, which makes this model feel a little limiting. The kayak features an extensive weight limit but not enough room to accommodate two users.

Sun Dolphin Conclusion and Rating

Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak family oriented model that is designed to simplify the paddling process while also maximizing stability as you easily slice through calm waters. Whatever your paddling ability, size or age, this kayak is pretty flexible and user friendly so you’ll definitely have a great time on the water, but if you’re looking for a touring kayak with better speed capabilities, you may need to keep searching. Consumers who purchased this kayak gave it a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, the keep dry storage compartment and included tow pack, adjustable seat and foot braces and overall quality.