Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Review

fisher-tandem-kayakThe Sport Fisher tandem kayak by Lifetime is marketed as the ultimate fishing model. This kayak features a hull that’s designed for great tracking and ultra-durability, highly adjustable footrests, paddle clips, two double-sided paddles, a six foot storage hatch and three fishing pole holders. A model that’s packed with all the bells and whistles, it truly is one of the best models in this price range.

Sport Fisher Kayak Assessment

This is a ten foot model with plenty of storage space, which allows you to load up on supplies for a fun day out on the river.  The kayak itself offers a durable, sturdy design that’s well-balanced and a cockpit that raises the user out of the top of the cockpit, allowing the feet to rest comfortably in the designated footrests. This means riders will have the necessary support regardless of height. Being raised in this position will also prevent the riders from sitting in water, with only the legs getting wet, thanks to the drainage holes found in every foot well.

There are a number of features that set this model apart for its competitors. The vessel is able to track easily, thanks to the hull’s intelligent design and it offers an excellent base to stand on when the user is sight fishing. You’ll also find a ton of space that can accommodate a number of riders and enough support to allow riders to side straddle when fishing, and all without the worry of tipping the kayak over.

With a few fishing pole holders and a dedicated water tight storage compartment and shock ropes to keep your gear secure, this model seems to come with everything the fishermen needs out on the rough seas.

The fact that this kayak comes with the right gear you need to get started is also a huge selling point. Back rests and paddles come included, so you’ll be able to take this beast out on the water right after delivery. Because of the carry handles and relatively low weight, transporting it is easy. Users can also add an optional trolling motor for those times when you need to reach a far out fishing hot spot fast.

The model’s design accounts for more than just fishing poles and other accessories. The intuitive design such as the drainage holes and raised seats that can keep you dry during a trip are just what fishermen need when out on rougher waters. It’s the manufacturer’s attention to detail that makes this one well-rounded vessel.

Lifetime Kayak Pros and Cons

lifetime-sport-fisher-tandem-kayakPros: This model weighs in at sixty-five pounds and is very wide, allowing it to easily accommodate three average sized adults. The kayak comes with two seat backs, two paddles and five scupper plugs. The waterproof rear entry point, built-in tie downs and fold down paddle clips offer a ton of convenience for the fishermen, and value for the money. On the rear of the frame you’ll also find a molded hole designed for an optional trolling motor, which can really come in handy if you’re heading far out or want to take your kayak out on the ocean.

The kayak also comes with a five year limited product warranty and an impressive weight limit of five hundred pounds. The interior of the hull will remain dry as a bone all day long, however it can leak a little if you get water in the pole holders.

Cons: This model certainly isn’t perfect. To begin with, while it may seem minor, the color scheme of the boat which is an olive green, can be a safety issue of sorts because it blends in with the vegetation and water, which can make the kayak hard to spot by other fishermen. While this is a sturdy kayak, it’s definitely not built to withstand a collision.

A big minus for some users is the lack of cushioned seating. While still pretty comfortable to use thanks to the padded backrests, the seats themselves are just hard plastic, which can make fishing in this ten foot model uncomfortable on longer outings.

Some consumers also felt that the kayak could really use a rudder to improve any tracking issues. However, the manufacturer does make a rudder for this model, which is sold separately.

Last of all, due to the lightweight design and length of the kayak, it tends to do poorly in windy conditions. You may also run into tracking issues in adverse weather conditions because this model is relatively short so it can be difficult to get any real speed going. This really isn’t an issue for recreational use until you’re forced to paddle into a head wind. Adding a couple of feet to the kayak’s overall length might work to remedy this issue.

Fishing Kayak Conclusion and Rating

Overall, this model by Lifetime is very close to being the ultimate fishing kayak, however, it falls just a little short due to some poor compromises in the design. While the manufacturer achieved their goal of creating a lightweight kayak that’s easy to transport, they failed to consider how well it would perform when the weather is less than ideal.

If you’re looking for a more compact kayak and one that offers more color options, you can take a look at the Bali SS by Sun Dolphin.

Having said that, considering the low affordable pricing and the ton of accessories that can be attached easily, this model is still a great choice for the price.  It also comes highly recommended by consumers and is considered one of the best fishing kayaks on the market. If you’re fine with moving at a more restricted pace and don’t mind dealing with paddling against head winds and rough waters, then this is definitely the model for you. It’s a great choice for families or fishing buddies and features a ton of stability for a kayak that’s really built to last. Consumers who purchased Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak gave it a user rating of four and a half out of five stars.